The etch-a-sketch from beyond

Ever heard of Liquid Crystal Paper? No? Well, neither had I but the perks of this job include learning about new things. If e-ink was a display’s best attempt at resembling print on paper, LCP (Liquid Crystal Paper) is the closest thing to the digital world recreating the sketching-on-paper experience. Blackboard, the only product to use LCP technology is much like those magnetic sketchpads, but redesigned for real-world applications. Built with a stylus, a good contrast ratio, and a translucent design, the Blackboard can be used for taking notes, tracing, or sketching diagrams. The translucent pad comes with template grids you can place behind it to turn it into a ruled notebook, a dotted graph paper, or a plain sketchbook. You can even place the Blackboard directly on screens and sketch away. Its tinted translucent surface dims the screen behind it, but keeps everything visible, allowing it to act like a big electronic tracing paper.

The Blackboard comes with a stylus that allows you to draw and erase your work. You can even use a clear-all button on the blackboard to erase the canvas. All this happens without a battery, letting your Blackboard be as handy and readily available as a piece of paper. Plus, Blackboard even ships with a mobile app that allows you to scan, document, edit, and share your work!

Designer: Boogie Board