The Clever Bathtub

Reinventing a bathtub is not an easy job and maybe this is why we see little innovations in this field. For a moment picture a bathtub with one side as an inflatable vinyl portion that collapse to provide you easy access. A powerful integrated pump not only inflates the tub but also doubles up as water propeller for the built in Jacuzzi fixtures. Use it as a tub or a walk-in shower; use it as the Inflatable Bathtub! Simply love this concept!

Designer: Su Pin Chia


  • Endrijuu says:

    last image in 3.line of course…

  • Very cool product. This is great for ADA requirements for homeowners.

  • deli labarck says:

    Wow! excellent for bathroom design! BTW wonderful Interior Design Blog! I like many of the articles. However, I have to say the bathroom tub is so cool! Got to use it on one of our Interior Design projects.

  • AZ says:

    good idea…but wouldnt the inflatable part get all soap-scum mucky and difficult to clean? Have you ever tried to clean anything inflatable..dang near impossible….

  • Jimmy C says:

    Interesting. It looks very nice… but aren’t you worried about spilling water when it deflates?

  • Lee Gardener says:

    What a good idea and it looks so cool too

  • swank says:


  • Mike says:

    Is this clever tub on the market yet.

    I would like to get more details on this product and I am considering marketing it to my customers.

    What about durability. How long will it last.

    Will there be different versions, for short term uses two years or less. I look forward to getting more info on this product.

    Thanks for being inovative….

    Mike Lessing

  • malgorzata gasiorowska says:


    My name is Maggie, I am currently tutor in diabetes education and have experience in nursing homes. While I was looking some not too expensive bath for myself therapeutic bath, I’ve noticed fantastic idea! the Clever Bathub.

    I am 100% sure,people here in UK,going to nursing homes,because stuff can not wash them properly at home.
    In nursing home is even worse,because they are very tight with money…
    I have some clients,willing to pay privately for such brilliant solution.
    Hope,we can cooperation. I have the best results in marketing area in diabetes devices in Europe and I am still an expert.

    If you need me, please send me email and we will prepare strategy.
    All the best for you and your family.
    With kind regards

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