A true MacGyver’s Pen


The pen may be mightier than the sword in theory, but practically, try fighting off a predator with a pen. Well, things get a whole lot easier with the 12-in-1 multi tool pen. Aside from being a pretty slick looking stainless steel ball point pen, the multi tool packs in 11 other features that almost make this the ultimate EDC. Armed with the usual EDC tools, the multi tool pen comes with a flat and a Philips head screwdriver, a hole puncher, cord-stripper, tweezer/fork, an ear scoop, a nail file, scalpel blade, long blade, and an actual hacksaw blade. Now while we never condone violence of any kind, the multi-tool pen is probably the only pen that can be of use anywhere from the boardroom to the bathroom, from indoors to the outdoors. Literally built with all the tools you’d need to get through obstacles in life, the 12-in-1 multi tool pen may not have a rather specific target audience or area of use… in the sense that it’s probably one of those pens that could be of use to anybody! And hey, it writes too.

Designer: Firebox