Noon Home Has a Bright Idea

Lighting is an essential aspect of the home environment. It can dictate the mood whether that be a movie, a romantic meal or the need to get work done, the lighting reflects and enhances the task at hand. Knowing the effects of lighting, it comes as no surprise when you hear of the year-on-year increase in purchases of smart bulbs. Thankfully, with the Noon Smart Home Lighting System, you don’t have to replace your bulbs but can still get the same impact.

By replacing your current switches, your traditional lights and bulbs can adapt to your lifestyle needs like those mentioned above. The intelligent Noon Switches are hyper-intelligent, having built-in motion sensors so that when you get up in the middle of the night – your lights, from room-to-room, will illuminate with low-level lighting to guide you. Compatible with Alexa, Noon Switches can also be used through voice activation. A really cool and personally my favorite feature of the Noon Smart Home Lighting System is the Vacation Mode. Learning your typical behavior (lighting intensity, activation times, etc.), Noon Switches will turn on automatically so that when you’re away, it will give those onlookers the impression that it’s still business as usual.

Once installed, all of a room’s lights can be adjusted with one-touch, from the Room Director’s glass touch-screen OLED display. With Noon, there is no need to hire a lighting designer. Noon automatically creates three unique scenes – Relax, Everyday and Bright, by analyzing information about each bulb, fixture, and room type.

Designers: Will Lark, Annie Cheung & Erik Charlton of Noon Home