Magic From Salvaged Furniture

Designer Alexander Schnell Sramek’s ‘Anti-Slip’ contemporary furniture collection stemmed from a peculiar situation. He had an empty bedroom that need furnishing and a mind that rebelled against the mass production/consumption culture of contemporary urban societies. Working with a limited space and tools, he set out on a project to furnish the room in 30 days and nights with out spending a dime on it. When creativity finds a path to flow through constraints, the end results are often pleasantly surprising. Created from discarded furniture and materials salvaged from the streets of East London, the work desk and the bed-side table he created are not just eye pleasing but functionally efficient as well.

The flexible work desk is designed for constrained spaces. It comes with an accessible storage, a hidden compartment for tucking away those irritating power cables and even a set of custom speakers. The bedside table is thoughtfully separated into two surfaces that helps to segregate the User’s books and the ‘usual stuff’.

This attempt is laudable as societies are presently waking up to reject their role as mass market fodder. As a generation is breaking away from the traps of industrial revolution, upscaling, recycling and value addition are loved for the values they imbibe. When you are armed with creativity, the entire city becomes your furniture store. And the best part is that you don’t need instruction manuals for assembling the furniture. Time to say ICREATE.

Designer: Alexander Schnell Sramek for 3 D Design

Guest Post by Akhil T.