A Backpack Made for Sleeping On


With each new device that gets released, and with current devices get smarter each month, it’s easy to get swallowed up into the ‘always active’ mode. We don’t have enough time for proper relaxation anymore. We find ourselves trying to take rest where we can find it – whether that be up against the rattling train window, a strangers shoulder on an airport bench or the office desk. Leave those days behind you with the Backpack – Relax, designed by Maya Prokhorova.

The Backpack – Relax is a gorgeous, innovative backpack that once you hear about it, it becomes an instant ‘must-have.’ With an internal air container, this backpack transforms into a pillow within seconds. Not only this, once inflated, the air container creates a barrier, protecting your valuables from outside damage. Not to mention the ability to fill this container with hot water and warm yourself up if you decided to bring your Backpack – Relax with you camping. Ideal for the workaholic, this backpack will transform your day in more ways than one.

Designer: Maya Prokhorova