Clean Teeth, Clean World!

Picture this. Count the number of products you own that use batteries. Multiply it by 7.3 billion. That’s roughly the number of battery-powered products we as a species use, and eventually discard. Only 1% of discarded batteries actually get recycled, so look at your electric toothbrush and ask yourself. Is a polluted earth an appropriate price to pay for clean teeth? There’s only one answer here really, and it’s a no! The Be. toothbrush aims at providing the experience of an electric toothbrush, but without the electric bit. Devoid of motors, and batteries, and circuit boards, the Be. is a pretty ingeniously made brush that uses common sense, rather than a lithium-ion battery.

Taking cues from an unlikely yet brilliant place, the Be. uses a wind-up mechanism we’ve seen being used for long in toys and timers. It simply converts one form of energy into another, allowing you to merely rotate a dial on its base that then winds up a mechanism within the toothbrush body, causing the head to vibrate as would any electric toothbrush.

The Be.’s creation was sparked by a need to solve the earth’s pollution crisis. Designed as a completely analog piece of highly effective dental equipment, the Be. rivals the best electric toothbrushes. Just two twists on its base are enough to power you through an entire brushing cycle, with the same (if not better) effectiveness of an electric toothbrush. The Be.’s body and bristles are a 100% recyclable and biodegradable too, so your teeth AND your planet stay clean!

The Be.’s battery-free approach isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s you-friendly too! It prevents the need to charge your toothbrush, or to replace batteries periodically. It also means the Be. can be easily carried on flights with zero hassle A snap-on case makes carrying the Be. around an absolute dream. Plus, with each Be. you get a one year’s supply of interchangeable and completely recyclable bristle-heads… That’s just dental! I mean mental!

Designer: Patrick Triato

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Battery & Electric-Free – Brushing with Be. means no cables, no batteries, and no problems. Transform your daily brushing routine into a simple 3-step process: put toothpaste on the bristles, give the dial two full twists, hit the power button and let Be. work its magic.

Sustainable – Practice zero waste at home with Be.’s 100% biodegradable brush heads and recyclable build. The first toothbrush that gives you all the benefits of clean teeth, at no expense to the earth.

Smart Technology – Be.’s smart sensor operates at the ADA recommended precise tartar-fighting pressure of 120g, training you to brush thoroughly but consciously. With 80,000 charcoal infused brushstrokes at the perfect pressure, you’re off brushing for a diamond clean smile.

Travel-Friendly – Whether you’re traveling for business, backpacking outdoors or just bringing your toothbrush to work, Be. keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle. The snap-on case creates an easy to carry cylinder and fits 1 extra brush refill for extended travel.


Simplify Your Routine – Be. keeps your daily brushing routine easy, similar to your manual brush.

If electric toothbrushes are so good, why do the majority of people still use manual toothbrushes? Well, manual is easy, and as a species we like easy things. If you haven’t made the switch to electric yet, don’t! We have good news. With no batteries, PCB boards, soldering, or wires, Be. is still a manual toothbrush for all intents and purposes. Two twists of the dial and no charging needed has you brushing like you would with your manual toothbrush, but with 10x the cleaning power.


Improve your Dental Health – A deeper clean that changes your tartar fighting game.

Most dentists will suggest using an electric toothbrush to get that diamond clean smile. Why? It’s proven they do a better job at getting debris out of your teeth, avoiding plaque, cavities and tooth decay. With over 80,000 brushstrokes, Be. has more power than your average electric toothbrush, cleaning deeper and whitening faster so you never have to worry about compromising your oral hygiene for sustainability. As the ultimate hybrid, you get the best of both worlds by brushing with Be.









Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $129.00