The Raven titanium cutting-tool is practical EDC that was made to last a lifetime

Every once in a while, I come across a piece of EDC that I feel enthusiastic about. It’s rare for me to talk about pocket knives and blades on this website, given that Facebook and Instagram have guidelines that actively block the promotion of knife-related content, even if it’s a kitchen-tool (weird, if you ask me), but ever so often we come across a piece of EDC that really feels deserving of this platform, whether it’s the design, the build, the functionality, or the overall product. The Raven ticks all those boxes.

With a titanium body and an easily replaceable blade, the Raven Titanium Utility Knife is the kind of knife that’s designed to last way past your lifetime. The machined body comes with a quick-opening mechanism that can be operated with just one hand, and a safe-locking feature that holds the knife’s standard CKB-2 utility blade in place. The blade, which comes with a scalpel-style edge, does a great job of cutting, piercing, carving, and scraping, making it equally useful indoors, for opening boxes and cutting open packets, as well as outdoors, for more demanding scenarios like scraping flint, piercing ration-packets, or cutting paracords. Designed to be perfectly handy, the blade folds inwards when not required, fitting into Raven’s perfectly sized body that’s handy, pocket-friendly, and even features a clip that you can use to secure your EDC to the lining of the pocket on your jeans, jacket, or backpack.

Designed to work for everyone, and forever, Raven’s titanium body can quite literally last a century without significant wear and tear. The CKB-2 blade comes made from Stainless Steel which will probably wear out over time, but Raven features an easy replacing mechanism that allows you to swap out old blades for new ones, along with a thumb-operated tightness screw that lets you decide how tight the opening mechanism is, allowing you to customize your EDC user experience. The Raven series sports 3 different color and finish-variants (my heart’s set on the bead-blasted silver and teal), and each knife comes engraved with a serial number, making the pocket-knife unique to you. Complete your pledge and you even get a box to store the Raven in, an Allen key to disassemble your knife, and a nifty comb-modification you can insert instead of the blade, to give yourself a tiny pocket-comb!

Designer: Sho Suzuki

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The Raven – Titanium Utility Folding Knife

Designed for utility and durability, the Raven is a minimalist folding knife made from Grade 5 titanium with replaceable blade.


– Frame made from Grade 5 Titanium
– A minimalism folding knife
– Use replaceable CKB-2 utility blade
– Quick open with Safe locking
– 3 finishes of Beadblast grey, Tumble polished, PVD black

Most of the existing utility knives are using a push-draw structure. That takes time to slide the blade to the length we need and as the usage increase, it gets stuck easily. The Raven is a quick open folding knife that can smoothly open within 0.5 seconds and retains this no matter how long you’ve been using it.

Another problem with a common utility knife is the blade playing problem. The Raven Knife features extreme accuracy control and 2 spacers secure the blade at the right place. It has the firmness as a pocket folding knife and the utility blade that can be replaced without difficulty.

The Raven uses CKB-2 utility blade made in Japan. The blade does a great job of cutting, piercing, carving, and scraping. Whenever the blade is blunt, stained or covered by tape, just replace the old blade with a new one.

The screw can be adjusted with just bare hands. Rotate the screw to adjust the tightness of the blade.

The elasticity of titanium and the ceramic ball ensure the locking system is smooth and reliable.

Two-way screw +410 SS spacer keeps the blade secure in its place without any playing like other utility knives do.

The Raven is knife with more DIY pleasure. You can disassemble every single part by yourself.

Click Here to Buy Now: $78. Hurry, only for a limited time only!