A watching vessel always boils


You know a design is brilliant when James Dyson puts his seal of approval on it! The O’Boil is the only utensil you’ll ever want to use while cooking. Designed with the kind of aesthetic that marries functionality and beauty with pure ease, the O’Boil has a negligible learning curve. Just pop the O’Boil into a slightly larger saucepan, pop the lid off and put in your ingredients, put the lid back on and set the timer (the lid has its own integrated timer…now isn’t that cute?), and you’re all set. Let the O’Boil do its job. Lift it up with ease using the insulated silicone handles. Let the water drain out, and press the handles together like you would a large clothes-peg…Voila! The O’Boil opens its mighty perforated clamps and out comes your delicious food, cooked to perfection!

The O’Boil is the proud recipient of a James Dyson Design Award.

Designers: Romain Haon Faure and Fabien Hybre