Something Cool Hiding in this Tire

Biking and camping go hand-in-hand, so this clever combination makes perfect sense for anyone looking for adventure! The Travel Tent is integrated seamlessly into a specialized bicycle wheel, giving the rider easy access once they arrive at their destination. It also takes some of the load off the rider’s back while freeing up space for other cargo. No question that it’s an interesting concept, but I’d love to see a functional version that adapts to any existing tire!

Designers: Chung-Jung Wu, Pei-Chun Chen & Li-Fu Chen


  • Simon Hiiemae says:

    Sorry, truly, truly awful piece of design on every single level imaginable.

    If you would like a basic lesson in physics / mechanics and bicycles please feel free to contact me.

  • Dan says:

    I was thinking the same thing. I build and ride and this scares the shit out of me. The owner of this will soon learn the terms out of balance and taco very quickly.

  • Otto Müller says:

    the front wheel is already flat 😀

  • Angelo says:

    yep those tires are perfect for camping…..!??!?!?!!!

    ridiculous. how embarrassing.

  • Mario says:

    Hubless wheel with no STI shifters? Camping with a Roadbike? Storage of potentially shiftable goods in a rotating compartment? What could possibly go wrong…

    Oh yea and totally minus points for low tire pressure…

  • Kalle Blomqvist says:

    Simon and Dan: In what way will this bicycle weel disturb the physics of cycling, other than more sensitive to a strong sidewind? The most important physics of a turning weel is the rotating mass. And the rubber and the outer metallic of the weel is rotating. It’s just the inner metallic and the tent that is not rotating, and that shouldn’t effect the physics of a rotating weel. There have been cars and motorcycles in production for a couple of years that also have this “hollow” weel without a middle part.

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  • Kalle Blomqvist says:

    Yes, we are the positive truthsayers among the negative liers 😉

  • I wouldn’t hesitate a minute to test this bike. List me as a potential byer. I like cycling and camping 🙂

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