Sleek and Stealthy Seating

Transformist Design’s Walker chair is an angular, sculptural seating solution based on stealth-like geometry. Its cantilevered, faceted form alludes to speed and movement, yet its form-fitted back and seat are perfect for winding down at dinner or the waiting room. In a variety of powder-coated aluminum options and contrasting seat/back combinations, there’s a custom color option for every taste.

Designer: Transformist Design


  • Lovi says:

    The design is very unique but I guess this should lean or should be placed adjacent to a wall, yes? Can it hold a person sitting or it will just fall?

  • Bob says:

    I have the QUARTA Bouty 4003 I love this chair for its functionality. I don’t think this chair gets eunogh credit. It is good for tall to petit people it has many functions and it has a great upper back support. Defenetly one that I recommend to many of my employees.

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