Beeline makes you take a liking to biking!

Designed to simply get you from point A to B by allowing you to choose your own route, the Beeline is a rather elegant little GPS/Compass/Speedometer that puts most smart-bike apps and dashboards to shame. In a lot of ways, the Beeline does for the bicycle what the Nest did for the thermostat. It adopts a beautifully minimal circular interface, offering just the correct amount of functionality. It doesn’t distract, and it doesn’t overload itself with features. It does its job marvelously and is actually designed so that you pay less attention to it and more attention to your route.

At the heart of the Beeline is its e-Paper display (with a backlight for nighttime riding) that creates high contrasts that are easily visible in most lighting conditions. The e-Paper display doesn’t distract, and consumes a negligible amount of battery, giving the Beeline months of battery life. The UI is rather simple too. It connects to your phone and simply asks you where you want to go. Then using its inbuilt compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope, it points in the general direction of your destination, allowing you to choose your own path, rather than fixing a determined path for you. This gives you the freedom to cycle through walkways as well as roads, truly being able to experience the city/town on your own.

Available in a robust, damage-proof and waterproof silicone casing, the Beeline can be strapped to any bike handlebar, and can even be used as a keychain when you’re done with your ride… because you’re sure to get very possessive about this little beauty!

Designers: Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam.