Tick tock, it’s the first iPhone clock!

Bissol for the iPhone 5 balances traditional watchmaking with modern technology to form the world’s first mobile timepiece. Sure, you could tap the home button to read the digital display, but in anodized aluminum with painted sapphire crystal and a Swiss made, gold plated, 5-jewel face, Bissol introduces an entirely new way of telling time and adds a touch of classic elegance to your modern device.

Designer: PTB Design Corp.


  • Quintin Smits says:

    Uhm… No.

    Make the iPhone 5 even larger, make the charging port and headphone jack unreachable and for what?
    Something that could be accomplished with much more style with an actual swiss timepiece?

    Also, first mobile timepiece? I believe the first mobile/portable timepiece dates from the 17th century.

  • Jeremiah says:

    I just want to echo what you said here. I hate when people try to come off as innovative by saying they’re doing something or treading new ground first when they obviously aren’t, especially in such a useless and cumbersome manner.

    The designer just took the phone and turned it into what now looks like a television remote.

    Honestly, this was a waste of a post in my opinion; however it’s nice to see something terribly executed and thought through to compare to the good designs we see once in a while. This is a perfect example of what NOT to do.

    This is design without substance and an excuse to do something first that the world doesn’t need.

  • Sheldon says:

    Or: You could use the clock on the phone…

  • morgan says:

    uhh. what? the iphone has a clock. Are they going to make a detachable paper address book for the back that goes with this? Maybe they could add an analog compass and a record player as well.

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