This virus detecting smart watch alerts wearer of dangerous pathogens in the environment

Pandemics like Covid-19 disrupt more than just normal life and aftermath can be equally painful. We’ve all seen how dangerous the spread of a potentially deadly virus can be when it’s mutating faster than one can even bring a solution to the drawing board.

This calls for the perfect opportunity to bring in a wearable capable of detecting potentially deadly viruses in the environment and staying clear of harm’s way. Case-in-point a smartwatch that’s like your early warning system against microscopic predators. Other than this vital function, the smart wearable does all the advanced health tracking.

Designer: Designer Dot

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Still in the concept stage and yearning for a technological leap, the smartwatch dubbed VICLONE sucks in the surrounding air particles to trace the presence of any known viral infectants. From the watch face upwards, turbulence is created so that nothing can escape the cyclone of air. Small vents along the outer periphery of the watch dial – between the display and the body – absorb the surrounding air.

This smart gadget is specifically conceptualized for people who are prone to allergens and infections. As soon as a virus or allergen is detected, the screen on the wearable turns red and vibration input is there for quick alert. On the rear of the watch display lies all the advanced sensors to keep a close tab on health metrics like heart rate, oxygen levels, stress level and more.

The watch display can be untethered from the main body to clean the baseplate since a lot of impurities and toxins are going to be sucked. They need clean up from time to time and the wearer can do it easily with a clean microfiber cloth. VICLONE can be charged like any other smartwatch, so no hassles there.

While technological innovation is going to play the key role in the development of such a wearable capable of detecting viruses, I do think it is going to set the tone sometime in the future when we jockey around to survive in a dystopian world battling with the perils of climate change or a major pandemic never before seen in the history of mankind.