Punch A Knife And Some Forks

To keep this story short, Bamboo Slips for Picnic is a very practical usage of bamboo and hemp, which results in this sheet of press-out cutlery. The thin sheet of bamboo features cut-outs of spoon, knife, and fork. Naturally you would use this disposable set at picnics or in school, office or on the go. The cool part is that you can creatively use the remainder portion as a coaster, a fruit plate or something equally imaginative.

Designers: Li Ya, Li Lei, Jiang Xiaofan, Zhai Zhen; Zhang Xiaolei from Jiangnan University

Bamboo Slips for Picnic, Bamboo Cutlery by Li Ya, Li Lei, Jiang Xiaofan, Zhai Zhen & Zhang Xiaolei







  • Margot says:

    Fine idea, but I know me and I would end up with a 2-pronged, or worse, just a 1-pronged fork because of my clumsiness. tee hee hee – sad but true.

  • Chris says:

    Worst Spoon EVER. If anyone looks closely, they’ll see that the spoon is FLAT. Tell me, what good does a flat spoon do you?

  • b0g3l says:

    I see no spoon… oh wait its there!

  • Confucius says:

    No good. There’s too much waste product, and its too bulky to carry with you. If you are going to have a picnic, pack some cutlery from your kitchen! Its reusable! This product attempts to solve a problem that is not even a problem, and creates more waste by-product doing so, its irresponsible design sorry.

  • tooma says:

    again, a nice, very well presented concept with little air in it.

    how does this differ from existing wooden single-use cutlery which you already find in the stores? except now you have to carry the excess material with you…

    and I agree with Confucius, take your own cutlery from home, its reusable! Irresponsible design. Sorry.

    The pics and presentation were ok though.

  • kaywarner says:

    I have a little set at home where the spoon is at the bottom and has some brass lugs on it, then the fork slides and clips onto the spoon, then a knife clips on the top to keep everything together. much better idea than this. fail i’m affraid.

  • Nicholas Sherlock says:

    I like my knife to be a little bit sharper than my fork. No real way to do that with that design.

  • Swords says:

    Are they sharp enough for meat?

  • ccp says:


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