Punch A Knife And Some Forks

To keep this story short, Bamboo Slips for Picnic is a very practical usage of bamboo and hemp, which results in this sheet of press-out cutlery. The thin sheet of bamboo features cut-outs of spoon, knife, and fork. Naturally you would use this disposable set at picnics or in school, office or on the go. The cool part is that you can creatively use the remainder portion as a coaster, a fruit plate or something equally imaginative.

Designers: Li Ya, Li Lei, Jiang Xiaofan, Zhai Zhen; Zhang Xiaolei from Jiangnan University

Bamboo Slips for Picnic, Bamboo Cutlery by Li Ya, Li Lei, Jiang Xiaofan, Zhai Zhen & Zhang Xiaolei