In case you didn’t get the memo, concrete is making it big in the design circuit… and it’s being highlighted in the most unusual places. Take for example the Masonic Watch by Aggregate, with its one of a kind concrete body. The Enso does the same thing too. The turntable itself is a rather retro/hipster product and using concrete only makes it more kitschy and cool. With its imperfections, concrete gives a different flavor to a product that has otherwise only seen the use of plastic, glass, metal, and wood. Concrete brings to the product a much needed sense of diversity and a breath of fresh air.

Designed with a simple rounded form that highlights the vinyl disc platter and arm, the Enso comes with a rather integrated form and the only thing breaking it is the walnut wood control panel which juts out to end the monotony and play with one’s visual expectation of continuity. Keeping in sync with the theme of concrete, the wooden panel has two concrete knobs too. What I probably like the most is that the designers try to make it very obvious that concrete doesn’t mean grungy and old-fashioned. The presence of a light strip running around the side of the Enso gives it a futuristic touch, making the turntable look unique and modern both. Plus with vinyl turntables being a massive part of the underground warehouse music culture, concrete may just be the most perfect material selection for its design, I’d say!

Designers: Mikołaj Nicer, Grzegorz Szczupał and Jakub Maciejczyk