Non-violent Non-silent World War Pen!

Inspired by an era embroiled in war and espionage, by a time that saw the birth of incredible tactics and technology for military purposes, the GP1945 Bolt Action Pen pays tribute to humanity and its evolution post World War II. Made from memories of an undeniably violent past, the GP1945 was actually envisioned to be a recreational tactical device that one could enjoy but also use to save lives.

A strange cross between tactical and recreational, the GP1945 is a pretty remarkable pen. Made entirely from machined titanium, the pen features a bolt action mechanism that is reminiscent of the loading of a rifle. Putting its past aside, the action of the pen almost feels like an addictive fidget toy today, that’s highly entertaining to play with. Plus, with its titanium construction, the mechanism will never break or fail and promises to last a lifetime.

Also built into the pen, giving it its tactical edge, is a military rescue whistle that comes with a multi-tone mode. On sliding your finger up and down the pen’s body, it modulates the pitch of the whistle, making it sound almost like the shrill call of a wild bird. The military rescue whistle can penetrate any kind of wilderness, alerting people far and wide. Built into the body of the GP1945 is another tool to get you out of sticky situations. Acting as a cap that screw-fits right over the mouth of the whistle is a tungsten-steel glass breaker. With the capacity to break its way through almost all kinds of glass (with the tungsten-steel head at the very tip of the glass-breaker), the pen can be a rather valuable tool when trapped inside or even outside a building or a car, i.e., somewhere a whistle wouldn’t necessarily work.

Part tactical, part recreational, and completely desirable, the GP1945 is a marvellous piece of EDC that works as your go-to pen and much more. Even designed to serve as a measuring tool, the knurled grip on the pen comes in 1 inch and 1 cm thicknesses, camouflaging a nifty piece of functionality in its design detail. Available in even Aluminum and Steel variants with stellar build quality being the common factor, the GP1945 is made for everything from cashing cheques, to calling for help, to even cracking through glass!

Designers: Haoyu Feng & Dan Xiong

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Made of tungsten steel, the super compact glass breaker is on top of the GP1945 Pen. Different than the regular window breaker pen that has a narrow front.


A traditional whistle produces a monotone high pitched sound to grab attention from the rescuer. However, a monotone sound can easily get lost in the wind. The GP1945 pen is integrated with a loud, up to 100 dB PRO whistle which is uniquely designed to produce a variety of tones to attract.


Refining the bolt action mechanism, they prototyped rounds and rounds to integrate the right amount of force, smooth turn-around corners to secure the tip in the pen instead of all over your pockets. Center bolt placement is addictive and fun to fidget in 2 different holding positions.


Having passed a 4500 lbs Jeep Wrangler road test, the GP 1945 Bolt Action Aluminum Pen is tough built for lifetime use. The Titanium version is extraordinarily tough, stronger than gold. On top of it, the TC4 Titanium we hand-picked has much higher strength than the commonly used TA1 Titanium.



For the Explorer.


For the Workhorse.


For the Photographer.



In black aluminum.


In silver aluminum.


In titanium.

Click here to Buy Now: $32.00 $59.00