Superfast Extinguisher

Designed to be rolled on the floor as you run towards extinguishing a flame, the O-Extinguisher is easier to move than traditional one. It even discharges a larger amount of fire suppressants to douse a fire. Super clever and super fast, this is a concept that I’d like to see move to the next level. Any takers?

Designer: Hee-Sun Kim


  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce, awesome idea, radical

  • Mark says:

    Excellent concept, great work!

  • تفاوت says:

    Excellent idea 🙂

  • Paula says:

    This is very interesting indeed.

  • Hank says:

    This is so well thought of. Will definitely help reach the fire faster by making the load lighter!

  • Goldie says:

    I love the genius concept. has it been tested?

  • TIMTIM says:

    Great graphic on the curved side on the first frame. Idea is not so silly that it detracts from the graphics. The fire is too big and low quality. Remember, you are selling a product, not a fire. Otherwise, the balance of the graphics is nice.
    Your project gets an “A” grade.

  • Takes a bit more space to store, but I see the appeal. My only concern is the telescoping handle being rigid enough to drag around the extinguisher quickly without breaking and being able to have a good seal for the sprayer.

  • Gabriela says:

    How to move if I have to pass stairs? I wonder.

  • Alex Smith says:

    This idea is nice but there are many things to consider:

    1) What if all the exits are blocked before anybody gets a chance to get to the fire?

    2) How heavy would the extinguisher be?

    3) Wouldn’t the round body of the extinguisher, be hard to get down so many stairs of the train station?

    Your muscles would hurt so much if you had to pull and run with one hand, since there’s going to be obstacles in your path all along!

    Stairs, corners, gates and barriers of all kinds!

  • Alex Smith says:

    And the chances of a fire starting underground is very low!

    Unless, some arsonist starts a fire!

    Why are there so many stupid ideas on Yanko?

    People getting credit as a designer for stuff that is common sense?

    I have an idea too, but there is no way for me to launch my ideas?

    No designer that i can team up with, to unleash my creativity!



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