Your In-flight Meal Just Got Upgraded


Tableware is transforming and evolving every day. In most households, you’ll find there are specific groups of tableware for specific uses – everyday use, special occasions, specialty meats and cheeses and even someone else’s cutlery or delft thrown in for good measure. It is due to the evolution of culinary skills and advances that make a range of meals more accessible for the everyday household. However, it’s not just household dining experiences which are evolving, 30,000 feet up in the air, evolution is advancing at an alarming rate, and the dining experience is no exception.

Recently, Caon Studio collaborated with Ceramic House, Noritake Japan to develop some of truly beautiful and elegant tableware for Australian Airline Qantas. Noritake, established in 1904, have been masters in the field of bone china and are visibly seen through this collection. This may be the first collaboration between Caon Studio and Noritake, but it is not the first time Noritake has made tableware for Qantas, having designed beautiful collections for the airline since 1962.

This stunning collection comprises of – 5-piece cutlery set made from brushed steel, a 4- piece glassware set made from a lead and barium-free crystal and a 16-piece crockery set made from the exquisitely crafted bone china that Noritake produce so well. Tableware can either complement a setting or detract from it – in some cases it can even take away from the meal itself – finding the balance between lightweight and soft design can be tough, especially dealing with steel. This delicate, lightweight tableware is carefully thought out and adds a somewhat elegant flair with its soft curves found waiting for you at every corner.

Designers: Noritake & David Caon for Qantas