This Universal Polarizer and Neutral Density Filter will fit on any handheld camera you have!

The REVORING reflects a level of simplicity and sensibility that’s very similar to H&Y’s Magnetic Filter Holder for cameras. The Magnetic Filter Holder created waves among the photographer community in 2018 as a simple, easy-to-use filter attachment system that let you simply snap filters to your camera using magnets. Pretty much echoing that same fundamental approach, REVORING is H&Y’s attempt at reinventing the wheel. A ridiculously easy product to use, the REVORING attaches onto any camera and any lens. It lets you easily attach H&Y’s Variable Neutral Density Filter or Polarizer Filter onto the camera of your choice. Machined to perfection, the REVORING even comes with a rotating mechanism that allows you to rotate the filters to get the exact look and feel you’re looking for. Think of it as a snap-on filter that instantly makes your photographs more professional.

The REVORING comes in 3 size ranges that attach to practically any camera lens, regardless of its make or manufacturer. Precisely machined out of aluminum, the REVORING uses an intricate aperture-style retracting blade system to lock itself around the inner rim of your camera lens. The REVORING adapter, once mounted on your camera, allows you to attach a Variable Neutral Density Filter or a Circular Polarizer filter right in front of your lens to carefully calibrate the amount of light (or a certain wavelength of light) reaching your camera sensor. Carefully knurled grips around the rim of the REVORING let you rotate the filters to get precisely the right shot. The VND filter gives you incredible control over the amount of light entering the camera (think of it as your camera’s sunglasses). The filter’s intensity can be controlled simply by rotating it, allowing you to play around with your camera’s exposure or aperture without having images that are incredibly bright with the whites burnt out. The Polarizer Filter works the same way too, but allows you to reduce glare or reflections off surfaces like glass or water-bodies.

Designed to be slim yet robust, the REVORING comes in a slick packaging that slips easily into any camera bag you have. Besides, its one-product-fits-all design saves you space by eliminating the need to carry multiple ND and Polarizer films for different cameras. The filter themselves are pretty well-manufactured too, with hydrophobic and fingerprint-repelling coatings to make sure dust, drops, or your fingerprints never stand between you and that perfect photograph!

Designer: H&Y Digital

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REVORING – A Variable Step Ring for your Camera Lens Filters

The REVORING step ring adapter with innovative variable blade technology gives any DSLR or Mirrorless camera system user the ability to use 1 single filter on multiple lenses, without the need for multiple step rings.

REVORING can fit any lens with filter thread sizes between 37 – 49mm, 46mm – 62mm or 67mm – 82mm, accommodating either 52mm, 67mm or 82mm screw-in filters for the sizes available at launch.


Tight Grip

When designing the variable retracting blades, the team knew they had to match the strength of a regular filter attached to a lens. Coupled with the force of the retracting blades and independent threading, one final turn ensures that the REVORING is securely mounted onto your lens.

Glass & Coating

Anti-Fingerprint & Waterproof Nano-Coating Technology has been applied to the REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter system to protect the glass from the unpredictable factors that all photographers and filmmakers face when shooting outdoors. The coating helps with beading and any excess droplets can be easily removed with a lens cloth without the fear of eliminating any of the coatings and without leaving stubborn smears on the glass.

The German Schott B270® glass also includes Anti-Reflective coatings, which virtually eliminate all flare and reflections from the front and rear surfaces. This helps visible light to pass through the glass by removing unwanted reflections, giving the user the best possible light transmission (up to 97%), optimizing images for the sharpest possible outcome. Whether shooting at 16mm or 400mm, the glass and coatings used in the REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter system produce sharp images, even at light reductions of up 10 stops.

Each side of the REVORING’s glass has 9 layers of the above coatings applied.

Additional Features

Hard Stop – The Variable Neutral Density ring will feature a hard stop at “MAX” preventing the user from going beyond the 10 stop position on the ring.
Guide Pin – In addition to the Circular Polarizer inner ring, the Variable Neutral Density outer ring will also feature a guide pin, for improved control and functionality
Focal Length Guide – There will be a redesign of the Variable Neutral Density markers between “Min” and “Max” to better reflect focal lengths and stops achieved using different lenses


Saving Space – The REVORING saves you the need to carry multiple filters and step rings, meaning you can pack lighter and more efficiently for your travels.

Saving Time – You might start off by shooting with a 24-70mm lens, and decide to switch to a 70-200mm, both of which may have a different thread size. You would either have to switch filters or adapt your filter using step rings, and we’ve all experienced this frustration, especially if you need multiple rings, or worse yet, they get stuck! With the REVORING, you just twist and remove from one lens, twist and mount to the other, it’s that simple!

Saving Money – Philip Bloom has had hands-on with the REVORING. Watch his video, where he covers the many features it has, including just how much money it can save you!

You no longer need to buy multiple filters or step-up rings for all of your lenses.

Test Images by Felicia Smith

Felicia Smith in Australia using the REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter system showing their optical quality – even with lenses up to 400mm.

Test Images by Luke Gardner

Left: No filter; Right: With Filter

Luke Gardner in the UK using a REVORING Variable Neutral Density + CPL filter.

Vignette Test

Click Here to Buy Now: $23 $35 (31% off). Raised over $650,000.