Be in Charge of your Charge!


It seems as though smartphones are evolving every day, while the charging cable remains relatively unchanged. Various cables have the ability to illuminate and surge, indicating power to the device. Wouldn’t it be nice to look at the cable and have some indication on how well your phone is charging? Now you can, with Check’n Cable.

Designed by Kim Jinseok, Park JungJun, and Na Yongmin, the Check’n Cable gives the user their battery percentage up front. No longer is there a need to power up the device, press the home button to trigger a screen view or in most cases, take a wild guess at the battery level. The Check’n Cable shows the battery usage on the head of the cable.

The interface of the cable head is wonderfully simple, and changes color depending on the level of power – red when the battery is low – blue when the battery is mid-level – green when the battery is in the final stages of sufficiently full.

Delivered in an array of sophisticated colors and material finishes, the Check’n Cable is designed to disrupt the existing smartphone cable market. There is an elegant flair to the cable with the soft cut-aways to either side of the cable head. To complete the luxurious feel, the Check’n Cable is partnered with a nylon braided cord – which is becoming popular in premium products – adding rigidity and structure to prevent any torn wiring internally.

The Check’n Cable is a Winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2017.

Designers: Kim Jinseok, Park JungJun & Na Yongmin