Wild, wondrous, wooden wallets!


I’ve seen flexible wallets made from leather, canvas, denim, plastic, tyvek, and even the odd paper wallet. Today we add wood to that list of materials. Wood isn’t known to be as flexible as leather or regular fabrics, but John Webber’s fascination for the material didn’t stop him from making a bi-fold made out of wood. In order to make it flexible, he fragmented it by laser cutting it into tiny individual pieces that were then fused to a flexible tyvek base. The result is a wallet that is made out of wood, but bends just like any fabric you’ve seen.

Available in a choice of Ebony (Pine), Walnut, Cherry, and Maple, the Arbor Wallets look absolutely unique, giving the impression of being a fabric wallet with a wood-grain print, but actually being made of real wood. To make sure the wood lasts long, it’s hand-coated with a specially formulated oil that gives it water-resistant properties, making sure that accidental spills don’t damage the thin layer of wood while even bestowing upon it a fragrance with distinct wooden notes, making your wallet both look and smell great out of the box!

Designer: John Webber (Carved)