This Futuristic Jaguar Ditches Car-keys

Jaguar’s future combines autonomy with a driver-based approach to give you the Jaguar Future-Type. Their vision, much like their contemporaries, is of a future where cars are shared (like MINI’s Vision Next 100)… except in Jaguar’s iteration of the future your key to the car is a personalized steering wheel. Jaguar says that the steering wheel (code-named Sayer after Malcolm Sayer, the designer of the Jag E-Type) will be your lifeline to the car. It stays with you all the time and comes with Artificial Intelligence. When detached from the Jaguar, it allows you to summon a car for yourself. The Jag’s autonomous driving mode ensures it reaches your doorstep safely just before you board the vehicle. Simply dock the Sayer in its place and you can either use it to drive the car, or to access ride-based information or even entertainment while the car drives itself. The Sayer becomes the only part of the car you truly own, whereas the car itself becomes available to everyone who possesses their own Sayer… which in my opinion is a whole lot more secure than a bunch of keys (and easier to find too)!

Designer: Jaguar