Moovy Will Make your Regular Bag Jealous

In ways I feel like we’ve pretty much documented the evolution of bags over the past couple of years. We’ve seen a lot of firsts, ranging from the world’s first couple of bags to have solar chargers and power banks, to the first slash-proof bag, to even bags that explored organizational grids like no one has ever seen before. The Moovy Bag marks the culmination of bag design by combining all the features we’ve seen in the past into one bag that feels like owning one product, but multiple solutions.

I’d say the Moovy is only minimal in one aspect. Its aesthetic. Its feature list however tells a different story! The bag is made from the finest Italian Leather and Anti-Scratch Canvas, both of which are treated to be water repellent. Things get interesting when you open the Moovy to see what’s on the inside. Aside from storage for your laptop, the bag comes with a dedicated tablet-board that holds a tablet and stylus. The board is removable, and can be carried separately around your workplace, to boardrooms or for quick elevator pitches/approvals. Whatever else you may want to carry in the bag can be slipped into the bag’s own Organizer Board, a criss-cross mesh of elastic bands that allow you to segregate and hold all your items in any orientation you set, so that you don’t need to rummage through your bag to find your belongings. Aside from that, the bag has its own set of dedicated pockets that place themselves strategically for easy device charging, quick-access for keys or ID cards, to secure anti-theft passport storage.

The bag even has its own 22000mAh battery that is more than capable of charging all your devices multiple times. To sweeten the deal, it even comes with mag-safe style cables for your phone, tablet, and laptop… a lot like what we saw with the X-Connect last year. This helps you store devices in their dedicated pockets and charge them in a snap, without having to fumble with cables and ports. The charging cable itself comes in the interchangeable 3-pronged design that everyone fell in love with last month!

The Moovy comes in a regular as well as a solar variant. The solar variant puts an A4 sheet sized solar charger on the flap of the bag, allowing you to harness the sun’s power to charge the power bank on the inside along with the your devices. They claim that the panel can fully charge a smartphone in just 2 hours of exposure to sunlight. A third variant gives you access to the Moovy Go, a circular piece of gadgetry that acts as a USB hub, a power bank, and even as Wi-Fi storage… thus giving the Moovy a reputation to be able to take care of any problem you have, whether it be anything from space constraints to battery or storage woes.

The Moovy with its massive shopping list of features helps it cater to everyone from the outdoor traveler, to the in-city commuter… from the digital nomad, to the student. It embraces great design and technology because humans have been doing the same for a long time too!

Designers: Julien Long & Bruno Lin

BUY NOW: $169.00 $299.00

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BUY NOW: $169.00 $299.00