Charging cable that turns the tables!

MicroUSBs suck. Lightning Connectors are alright. And I can’t help being a little amused but Apple’s Magsafe charger for the laptop clearly has the best kind of connector, but oh Apple, you elitist enigma, you reserved it only for the Macbooks! Luckily for us, the good guys at ASAP Technologies devised the X-Connect, a magnetic charging cable for your smartphone. Yes, any smartphone! X-Connect knows no religion, catering to Apple as well as Android. The cable comes with a stub that permanently plugs into your phone’s charging port. Android users get a MicroUSB stub, and Apple users get the lightning connector stub. The cable then magnetically clicks to this stub, and you’re set. The X-Connect cable goes a step further by also having a light on it to tell you when the phone’s charging. The real magic of the X-Connect is that it really homogenizes the data/charging cable domain. You really shouldn’t need to have more than one cable for all your devices, and X-Connect does just that. Plus its magnetic click-to-connect action is absolutely beautiful to experience! Plugging cables in, and taking them out are so incredibly effortless, they even go so far as to avoid cable related accidents (and I’ve seen my fair share of them). Plus did I also tell you they don’t just charge?! X-Connect also diligently does the duties of a Data Cable, so why haven’t you bought one yet!!

Come let us all be a part of the movement that absolutely reinvents the smartphone charging industry!

Designer: ASAP Technologies

Buy It Here: $20.00 $39.00