More than Brewing just Tea


The science of tea brewing (Gongfu tea) is such that the water should always stay at 80ºC and the tea should not be steeped for long. Bitter taste and reduced aroma can spoil the experience, and to ensure none of this happens, we have here the Memory-Metal Screen. A unique filter adopts the concept of a shape-memory alloy to control the tea-brewing time in a technical manner.

The way it works is this: you pour hot water over the tea leaves, which makes the tea filter stretch to the maximum depth. The tea leaves within brew till the temperature of the water is hot. In about eight minutes, the water cools down to 50ºC and the filter retracts with the steeped tea leaves.

An intelligent design that makes the art of brewing tea very scientific.

Designers: Yeh Shu-Hung & Hu Siqi