Tinker Toys For Adults?


Creating and making our own workspace takes some imagination and a lot of hours searching for just the right product that can fit in the perfect space. Many times, we might find just the right thing, but when it arrives, it takes so many hours to locate all the pieces and try and understand the directions on how to piece it together.

Well, things just got a lot simpler. Playwood, an A’Design Award Winner, is more than just furniture, it allows you, the user to create to play around, and come up with different designs, such as desks, shelves, tables and more. You simply piece the boards together with special connectors – all of which are sold by the piece and super affordable. Tired of that table? No worries, with some simple reconfiguration, you can make it into some shelves.

The Playwood boards come in a variety of recyclable materials with a variety of thickness ranging from 1,5 cm to 2,0 cm. and the connectors are also available in 3 different angles – 90 degree square, 105 or 150 degree hexagonal as well as 3 different color choices – blue, red and green.

Playwood 3-D printed products, designed by Stefano Guerrieri, are innovative, definitely inspire creativity, super eco-friendly and affordable as well. Time to get those creative caps on and design your very own Playwood furniture.

Designer: Stefano Guerrieri