The holy trinity of charging cables


It annoys me to no end that whenever I try to borrow a charging cable from someone with a new phone, it invariably ends up being incompatible with MY phone. My phone (almost 4 years old now) still charges via a MicroUSB, which is convenient because so does my power bank, and both my Bluetooth speakers, and even my camera. Now the minute I’m handed a Type C charging cable or a lightning cable, it’s just a monumental FU to all my charging plans because they have the least acceptance rate for electronic gadgets, yet they are the future. Side note, USB 3.2 is coming by this year end to complicate our lives a little further.

However, there’s an elegant solution for all of us out there in the Swivelcord. Designed to look more like a stylish universal charging cable than an onslaught of adapters, the Swivelcord 3-in-1 charging cable strikes a fine balance between elegance and universal design. The flat cord is virtually impossible to tangle, faring much better than regular cords, and comes in a variety of colors. The USB jack on one end represents the standard, while the other end features a rather quirky swiveling hub with a MicroUSB connector, a Type C connector, and a Lightning connector. You rotate the mini-hub to select the port you want to use and go ahead with your day. And the next time someone asks you for a Lightning cable, even though you own an Android device, you’ll have them covered. You may just impress them too!

The verdict? A cable you can easily use and lend and impress people with. The only con? You won’t be able to use two ports at the same time. The rationale? You probably don’t need to.

Designer: Swivelcord