Poke-free protective packaging!


Nature put all its effort into making sure the durian was the least consumable fruit ever. It comes with an outer layer of spikes that make it difficult to carry and handle, and its smell is so pungent and overpowering, most hotels in Malaysia have a strict rule against guests bringing durians into their premises. However, it’s still one of the most loved fruits in the region, often referred to as the “king of fruits”.

How does one buy and carry the durian then? It tears through most plastic bags (“duri” means spiky in the Malay language) and can often hurt palms when carried by hand. Designers from Wenzhou College developed a bag especially for carrying the Durian safely. Its construction involves a mesh of paper balls that create a perfect container for the spiky durian. The bag comes as a flat mat into which the durian is placed. The edges are folded over to make sure the durian isn’t exposed from any side, and handles on the top allow people to then carry the bag conventionally or even hold it against their body or place it on their lap without getting virtually perforated by the fruit’s spiky outer layer!

Designers: Qiu Liwei, Shi Xiaoming, Li Jiawei, Jiang Lei & Shao Jian.