A Dash-cam for the adrenaline-junkie!

No sir, this camera wasn’t designed for capturing hit-and-runs, or cars in front of you breaking a red light or stop sign. The Horizon was built for a niche audience. The kind that loves putting the pedal to the metal. Designed by Waylens, the Horizon camera is a one-of-a-kind action camera for your car’s dashboard.

Designed for performance cars, used on race-tracks, grids, or for any kind of off-road racing, the camera captures your ride at 1080p (60 frames per second). Not only does it capture video (with stunning clarity and low-light capability thanks to its advanced CMOS sensor), it also records additional data, like speed, GPS, RPM, Pitch & Roll, G-Force, lap times, and even boost levels, laying them out over your video much like you’d see in racing-based video games. Think real-life Need for Speed.

The Horizon fits on the windscreen of your car, and comes with its own GPS unit and motion sensors. A separate dongle allows it to plug into your car’s OBD-II port to give the camera access to all that extra data. You can use a LBE remote (that mounts on your steering wheel) to tag clips that the camera records. The camera records at all times, but on a buffer. You choose what footage to keep, and what to discard. Everything instantly becomes available on a mobile via Waylens’ native mobile/tablet app.

The Horizon has great potential for not just providing drivers with instrumental data of their races, but it even makes things more engaging for viewers, by providing a unique data-driven POV approach to viewing a race. Plus, with Waylens’ beautiful GUI templates, this could be the next big thing in streaming car-races!

Designer: Waylens Inc.













[Images Courtesy: Waylens, The Verge]