Electronics Exploration Equipment!


If you’re even remotely into gadgets, you’ve heard of the name iFixit. These people tirelessly work toward giving you an inside scoop (literally) on your technology allowing technicians, rookies, and enthusiasts to see what the insides of their favorite gadgets look like. Obviously, fixing a phone today is nothing compared to tinkering with a radio from 20 years ago. Technology makes products slimmer, more compact, and tamper-resistant.

The Essential Electronics Toolkit comes with iFixit’s years of expertise in prying open, dis-assembling, and reassembling gadgets of any and every kind. The toolkit has inside it every single tool used by, and recommended by iFixit for the nerds inside us who just want to be able to open their phones up and replace batteries, or do other things like replace broken screens (saving you a tonne of cash). Or maybe you could start your own YouTube channel dedicated to DIY gadget teardown and fixing tutorials… sky’s the limit!

Designer: iFixit

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