Home Delivery in every literal sense

Not to be confused with THIS home delivery, the Delivery Stool by Amar Nath Shaw is for delivering babies at home. Given India’s rising population, along with its lack of proper medical facilities and even the proper distribution of medical facilities, the Delivery Stool is for scenarios where birthing a child at home is requested, or required.

Designed to be used by trained medical professional (a midwife, but with medical credentials), the Stool is carried like a briefcase to the home where the birth is to take place. When opened out, it becomes a complete birthing apparatus, along with a U shaped stool, bedpan, tool-kit, and an anti-splash mat. The stool’s cushion and the mat (suitcase cover) are both made out of red tarpaulin that’s cheap, easy to clean, and masks the color of the blood. The stool itself is made from plastic, which is hollow on the inside, making it incredibly light-weight, allowing the entire kit to be carried by one person.

Roughly 303,000 mothers died during and following pregnancy and child-birth in 2015, due to lack of proper hygiene, or resources. Shaw’s stool aims at providing a concrete system and setup for the birthing process, aiding the medical community while helping mothers deliver their children safely, and with relative ease.

Designer: Amar Nath Shaw