The Best Lamp for your Bedside


Once you’ve crawled into bed and gotten cozy, the last thing you want to do is get up or lean over to switch off the lights! Designed with this feeling in mind, BALAMP utilizes a unique on/off functionality to make going to bed and waking up a more enjoyable experience.

It’s dish-shaped lamp features a flat surface that’s equipped with a weight sensing system. When an object is placed on the surface, it switches off and vice versa. This way, when you’re dozing off to a good book, you can simply close the book, roll over, and place it on BALAMP to turn off the light in one easy motion. You can also place your mobile device on the surface so when you pick up your phone to turn off your morning alarm, you have instantaneous illumination to help wake you up. Better yet, it sports a projected clock so it’s easy to tell the time and you can also adjust the tone and intensity of the light with a smartphone app so it’s just how you like before and after bedtime!

Designers: Andrea Cingoli & U. La Sorda