The Crystalline chandelier for Melissa’s NYC shoe store looks like a massive glowing geode

Don’t be surprised if you walk into Melissa’s flagship store in New York and you find yourself trying on less shoes and taking more pictures with the massive lighting structure hanging from the ceiling. Meet Crystalline, a lighting installation created by SOFTlab for the shoe brand’s New York outlet. Inspired by the Winter line of shoes, the lighting design looks almost like you’re inside a crystal cave, with geode formations around you.

The installation hangs from the ceiling, with multiple bulbs sitting laid out in an asymmetric fashion. A thin metal frame provides the ideal framework for pearlescent acrylic panels to mounted on, making the structure look like a crystalline formation emitting a steady glow. 50 unique cells and over 400 pieces of custom cut aluminum help bring the lighting unit together, and the dichroic acrylic panels help allow the chandelier to change color as you change your viewing angle. It also casts a rainbow spectrum of colorful swatches across the store, truly making the retail experience ‘magical’!

Designer: SOFTlab for Melissa