Swiss on the Front, Smart on the Back.

There are two types of watch people. The ones who believe in wearing an immaculate, precious, hand-crafted piece of art on their wrist… and there are those who want all of technology’s achievements strapped to their hand. There are two types of watch people… but there needn’t be.

Swiss on the front, smart on the back, the Smart Buckle by Gooseberry attaches itself to literally any watch. Designed to help you preserve your precious timepiece while adding a world of functionality to it, the Smart Buckle replaces your watch’s original buckle, and in turn adds a fitness and sleep tracker to it, giving you literally the best of all worlds.

The Smart Buckle looks innocuously like any regular buckle, and that’s what’s so great about it. It doesn’t impose its style on your haute horlogerie, but rather blends into its style. In fact its minimal design works great with everything from precious timepieces to even sleek, minimally designed watches. Made to fit and match more than 500 of the world’s most reputed watch brands, the buckle and strap fit the watch you own, making them tech-savvy. The buckle comes built with sensors that track movement/steps, and even measure sleep. Data is sent over to your smartphone, and the buckle integrates with Apple Health and Android Fit to sync your health readings to the cloud.

The buckle itself is made out of stainless steel with a brushed finish. It’s scratch-proof and sweat-resistant, with a rating of IP57 (which means it can withstand regular water splashes and dust). It provides a week of run-time on a single 60min charge, that happens through Gooseberry’s own magnetic charging dock, and you can monitor all your readings on the Smart Buckle app for both Android and iOS.

The Smart Buckle means not choosing between style and technology anymore. Millions of people own and are incredibly passionate about intricately crafted art-timepieces, and smart-wearables don’t even compare in terms of what a proper timepiece stands for, and therefore can’t truly replace Swiss or Japanese precision, handwork, and art. The buckle is a brilliant lateral solution that changes nothing for a watch-lover. In fact it makes the most sense because the buckle sits flat against the front of your wrist, below the palm, gathering readings with accuracy that outperforms most fitness trackers. The Smart Buckle comes available in Chrome and Gun Metal finishes and one can even opt for the buckle with a silicone or leather band, depending on your style requirement. It enables you to wear that favorite watch you bought with your first salary, or that heirloom your grandfather passed down to you, while also giving you all tha capabilities of a state-of-the-art health and fitnesstracker. Like I said… There are two types of watch people in this world; and the Smart Buckle is for both!

Designers: Alexei Levene & Shripal Gandhi of Gooseberry

BUY NOW: $39.00 $99.00














BUY NOW: $39.00 $99.00