Who doesn’t want an extra 200GB!

Let’s face it. That card reader hasn’t been used once in the past half-decade. Unless you’re a camera user (we’ve got USB cables for that too), that card reader slot on your MacBook has just served as decoration, when it could just as easily add as much as 200Gb of permanent storage to your system!

Nifty’s Minidrive is a card-adapter that sits flush inside your MacBook. You can put any MicroSD card in with storage going up to 200Gb, giving your machine a hardcore data (or even RAM) boost. It can easily be added or removed based on your requirement (although it’s best to put it in and forget about it), and its sheer beauty is in the fact that unlike those ugly pen-drives that cantilever out of your USB ports, always coming in the way, and going loose and wobbly over time, the Minidrive sits flush withing the card reader, almost becoming unnoticeable to the eye. Based on your MacBook, you can buy a MiniDrive custom made for your Pro, Air, or 13″ and 15″ Retina variants. Remember though, you do have to have your own MicroSD Card!

Designer: Nifty