Hi Phone, Bye Bezel.


It’s 2017, which means we’ve come ten years into the iPhone hysteria with phones that have undoubtedly changed our world as we know it. Along with these phones came dreams, expectations, and as a result of them, concepts. We’ve seen everything from clear iPhone renders, to curved smartphone images. Today’s concept is no less. As we celebrate the iPhone’s tenth birthday, here’s a look at the iPhone 8 concept by Emad Rahimi. Even though leaks have shown us what the upcoming iPhone will look like, Emad’s design gives the iPhone 8 a bezel-less design highly reminiscent of Xiaomi’s Mi Mix phone (designed by the one and only Philippe Starck). The design retains the home button, however, even though rumors are that TouchID is all set to get integrated into the smartphone’s screen (Vivo’s smartphones just managed to pull off this engineering marvel). Although the design looks a little premature (in the designer’s defense, most iPhones look like beveled slabs), it gives us a taste of what the highly anticipated iOS 11 will look like on a device. Plus, is that a front facing camera on the bottom right corner? Hmmm…

Designer: Emad Rahimi