Nice See Cups! (Fashionably Loud Headphones)

Great Accessories in Music History: Mozart’s powdered wigs, Elton John’s sunglasses, The Ramones’ black leather jackets, Tommy Lee’s “third” drum stick, Kevin Federline. Now designers Min-guk Ji & Hong-joo Kim & In-oh Yoo & for Metatrend Institute have invented what could be the greatest music accessory since the groupie. The “Transparent OLED Headphones” (working title I’m assuming) are made from flexible OLED panels that allow the user to custom design a lighting show or patterns across your cranium. These custom designs can also be set to your current track or “color groove setting”, scroll any message texts or simply remain whatever color you’re feeling like that day. The left side button controls your sound functions while the right side button controls the light show. I think these headphones are so revolutionary they just may need a new segment name. How about HEADTRIPS? or EARGASMS? or maybe HEADBANDS?

Designers: Min-guk Ji, Hong-joo Kim & In-oh Yoo for Metatrend Institute