Microphone, meet Modularity!


I didn’t realize what a game-changer the Korus Microphone could be until I saw it. This concept microphone explores two of the most exciting domains in electronics. Wireless-ness, and Modularity.

Imagine having just one microphone take care of all your recording needs? Depending on what you’re recording, all you need to do is swap the microphone head and base and you’re good to go. The Korus uses a standard wireless module and multiple microphone heads that just snap right on. Want to record your voice? Snap in the microphone with the pop-filter (ideal for vocal capture) and you’re ready to go. For instruments, you could switch to the directional recording attachment. You could even switch to the outdoor mic module for, well, outdoor recording. The Korus even explores modularity in the bases too. Ranging from a clip-on base with a gooseneck for pointing it in any direction, to a vice-mount for mounting onto instruments, to a tripod-stand mount, to even a easy-to-grip microphone handle base, the Korus leaves no stone unturned.

However, the true magic of the Korus concept lies in the middle component that acts as the binding unit. This takes care of the recording as well as adds the wireless feature to your microphone. You set the mic up using the Korus app, allowing you to control multiple Korus mics (trust me, that’s a big deal) all within one single interface. Since going wireless has certain limitations, Korus uses a router of sorts that plugs into your tablet and interfaces with the microphones, making sure there’s no audio hang-up or latency.

The Korus is designed to take the hassle out of audio recording. Setting up for a recording can take up to hours even without the sound-check (which takes even more time). The Korus uses modularity, and a brilliant interface to give you all the power while taking out the headache of organizing and setting up out of it. Let’s hope this one doesn’t remain a concept for long!

Designers: Joe Miller & DCA Design.