Roads Not Required

HOLY MAN-GROWL! This is what happens when a tank and an ATV have a baby. Introducing, the Tinger Track C500. This ironclad bad boy might be small enough to fit inside a transit van, but that won’t keep it from tackling the tundra, sand dunes, or even wild rivers. Now, if only I could take it on the streets of L.A.!

Fit with dual 500mm armored tracks, it’s perhaps the most versatile vehicle for farm, field or forest work. Of course, it’s also highly appropriate for pure off-road FUN! The powerful engines (57hp and 68hp variants) are the driving force behind the strength and temperament of the C500 giving the vehicle a towing capacity of 800 kg. Now, it’s not a matter of choosing the best route… only which direction you want to go.

Designer: Tinger Design