Setgo, Sharp and Functional Urban Accessories Review

Listen up, today’s man carries way more stuff than his pockets can hold. You’ve got keys, money, identification, mobile phone, MP3 player, wireless headset, pen, maybe even a checkbook and portable gaming system to pass time. The Setgo line of urban accessories makes this man’s pockets lighter while keeping him at arm’s reach of everything he needs.

Designer Nathan Leon has come up with a line of sleek, utilitarian bags and accessories that don’t scream metro. Any man would feel comfortable carrying these. I had an opportunity to try them out this past week and have mostly praise for it. To preface, some would call me metrosexual. I always have some sort of bag with me (man bag, murse).

That being said, the Setgo Transport (slingpack as I call it), had no trouble carrying everything I take with me. Made entirely out of nylon, the front has an array of elastic straps to hold down most of your flat electronic gadgets. It was a little too tight for my iphone but I managed. The rear is a huge zippered compartment for bigger items. I found it to be a perfect home for my checkbook, Nintendo DS, keys, and wallet – items I don’t necessarily want to advertise owning to the public.

Speaking of wallet and keys, Setgo has both ends covered. I must say the wallet is very nice. It’s not the best quality leather but the construction is grade A. It’s soft, very thin – yet holds a ton of stuff without bulking up too much. There isn’t much to say about the keychain except that it’s sold metal. For what it’s worth, it held my keys very well.

Would I recommend it? Definitely, especially since nothing is over $80 U.S. There’s a lot of utility in a very sleek, sexy, masculine package – something many soft good manufacturers miss.

Designer: Nathan Leon [ Buy Transport | Buy Gateway | Buy Freeway ]


  • Sam says:

    KIller bags man! It’s about time someone designed a bag for commuters into NYC.

  • ModuleS says:

    yanko just keeps getting better, great content, great writing and now great reviews on products.

  • uyalex says:

    not really into the wallet since those format exists virtually everywhere but those bags, are COOL.

  • nerdastic!

    even though i like the “i am not a messanger bag”-claim and that it makes all the stuff reachable at any time, i prefer a bag.


    i usually do not carry only gadgets, but cables and chargers as well. where do i put that stuff?
    i feel, that a stylish smaller backbag or schoulderbag is still better and offers even more space that that.

  • Derek says:

    It’s a modern day baldric!

  • OPFA says:

    pretty cool, but this logo is definitely too big (and there is one even more bigger at the back ) and too ugly to make me wear that bag…

  • Sam the Sham says:

    The idea is good. The application is not practical, at all.

    I won’t invest in that one.

    However, I would invest in a “vest” that have a “symbolic” back and a good collection of pockets on the front, with a low profile regarding what others can see.

    At least I can wear it under the jacket or the sweater. I do not want the whole world to see what valuable goods I am carrying, and how they can “take it all” by one snap and run.

    Why? Because if you are a resident in a big city, you know what is a mugger, a thief, a pick-pocket, an ally stick-up, a hoodlum, a snatch, etc.

    My 2 cents.

  • carl says:

    does it come with a free sign that reads ‘im a nerd’

  • nerdastic!

    even though i like the “i am not a messanger bag”-claim and that it makes all the stuff reachable at any time, i prefer a bag.


    i usually do not carry only gadgets, but cables and chargers as well. where do i put that stuff?
    i feel, that a stylish smaller backbag or schoulderbag is still better and offers even more space that that.

    • says:

      the backside features multiple pockets, under a common zipper. maybe thats a usable location?

  • AG says:

    We’re confusing “man” and “hipster” here.

    Men carry keys, cash, phone.

  • guest says:

    Wow, it reminds me of cartridge belts worn over the shoulder by bandidos in spaghetti westerns.

  • CircoMental says:

    i am confused, is that to wear alone, or to adapt it to a bag or something?

  • zippyflounder says:

    What you dont have a member of your posse’ carry you stuff….how droll LOL.

  • Tysen says:

    I had an idea like this a year or two ago, but since I am not a bag designer I never got it made. I called it an “urban bandoleer”…

    • zippyflounder says:

      never ever not go forward with a soft good produt notion, bang out 10 or 20 make them of high end material and slam them here…..just remember materials times 30 is the magic number.

  • Jason says:

    Very innovative design for a bag. Like the logo.

  • igreenspot says:

    you know I always prefer to keep my wallet in hidden place, where people can’t see. But this bag offers new idea to me, hopefully it safe enough to wear in public.

  • Shiella says:

    Too bad the photos don’t show how to open while it is used.

  • carl says:

    its a 21st centaury manbag. it localises all your valuables and promotes them to any would be mugger. so not only do you look stupid you are a target for street crime. brilliant. pure toss.!

  • mardi says:

    W A R N I N G ! !


    This is absolutely horrible! Definitely the worst personal accessory, soft good I have ever seen. It screams “hear’s all my personal gear, please rob me at gunpoint!” Don’t get me wrong, the idea is great. There needs to be a solution to all our gadgetware, but this is not it. It’s not even designed well. A nylon belt with default elastic straps thrown together?? Come on, you can do better. It reminds me of those passport carriers that first time travelers wear on holiday. BUT they are designed to be hidden, so wear it, but wear it under you clothes -please.

  • Art4Lyfe says:

    Sweet design. Perfect for visiting other places and countries when you don’t want to keep valuables in jacket pockets where they can be easily stolen by pick-pockets. Should definitely be worn under the jacket though.

  • Werkplace says:

    With regards to the comments on “I will get mugged”. If you’re in the States, a simple modification to the back pocket would allow you to carry a shotgun. This is legal and, if placed correctly, can be quickly accessed if attacked.

  • dfgfhfg says:

    Yep, wear this only at home!

    The electronic upgrade says in a hologram what you are carrying to any passer by.

    Ridiculous Crime attracting gear.

  • Premmy says:

    I wonde rhow good this would be for a tracuer or say, a b-boy or martial artist…

  • DG says:

    Would the main back pocket hold a netbook?

  • Root says:

    One guy hit on the perfect use for this… and I'd like to chime in. Front electronic gear… back zippered pocket? Concealed carry weapon to protect yourself and the front electronic gear. Leave it to an American to find the right use for it 🙂 Can't wait for it to arrive. Also, if your a motorcycle rider, something like this is perfect as well. You don't want your bulky stuff in your pockets and carrying them bandolier style is just the right solution.

  • Billybnyc says:

    THIS IS ALMOST PERFECT! For walking around the city, and riding my motorcycle I never leave home with out my phone & iPad (for work). Problem is this thing is too small for an iPad. PLEASE make the back just slightly bigger & I’ll sell a thousand of them to fellow iPad junkies who don’t need to carry a bunch of crap – just the ‘basics’ around all day.

    There is, literally , nothing else like it! It’s just a tad too narrow… ;-(

  • Billybnyc says:

    As for you crime theorists:

    1) You honestly think muggers don’t know what’s in your messenger bag with the ‘easy cut’ strap you always carry?

    2) If you are afraid to look like a geek – stay home

    3) I’m 6’2″, 250lbs. No one is going to mug me. If you want to walk around NY, grow a pair, or – as I said before – stay home.

    These guys have a great product. Well made & a perfect niche’. Show some support……

  • jeanne says:

    I need SetGo cards to hand out- I mean it- I think I could have sold at least 10 by now- wanna make me a rep?

    I am constantly stopped and asked about this product- as someone who lives in Chicago and relies on public transportation, I now can’t imagine my life without it. I considered this purchase carefully, $80 is significant for me.

    It’s incredibly pragmatic- people gape at the secure but convenient phone access it provides when I’m riding the train.

    I am also stopped by urban dog owners like me (there are many in Chicago)who find this very appealing for those quick trips outside- stuff a few bags in the front for clean-up and away you go.
    -as big city apartment dwellers we don’t leave home without keys and phone . . . but do we have pockets? Depends on the outfit.

    One other thing- I’m a girl
    not sure why this is marketed as a guy thing- whatever
    I love mine

  • IrishFavor says:

    Just got this bag in the mail today ordered it about 3-4 days ago (speedy shipping). Can’t be happier, came in a fabric sleeve and construction quality is awesome. Overall happy customer, i will defiantly order from them again.

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  • mark says:

    will ipad mini fit inside bag

  • says:

    Additional info says 22″x5″x1″, ipad mini is 5.3″.

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