Setgo, Sharp and Functional Urban Accessories Review

Listen up, today’s man carries way more stuff than his pockets can hold. You’ve got keys, money, identification, mobile phone, MP3 player, wireless headset, pen, maybe even a checkbook and portable gaming system to pass time. The Setgo line of urban accessories makes this man’s pockets lighter while keeping him at arm’s reach of everything he needs.

Designer Nathan Leon has come up with a line of sleek, utilitarian bags and accessories that don’t scream metro. Any man would feel comfortable carrying these. I had an opportunity to try them out this past week and have mostly praise for it. To preface, some would call me metrosexual. I always have some sort of bag with me (man bag, murse).

That being said, the Setgo Transport (slingpack as I call it), had no trouble carrying everything I take with me. Made entirely out of nylon, the front has an array of elastic straps to hold down most of your flat electronic gadgets. It was a little too tight for my iphone but I managed. The rear is a huge zippered compartment for bigger items. I found it to be a perfect home for my checkbook, Nintendo DS, keys, and wallet – items I don’t necessarily want to advertise owning to the public.

Speaking of wallet and keys, Setgo has both ends covered. I must say the wallet is very nice. It’s not the best quality leather but the construction is grade A. It’s soft, very thin – yet holds a ton of stuff without bulking up too much. There isn’t much to say about the keychain except that it’s sold metal. For what it’s worth, it held my keys very well.

Would I recommend it? Definitely, especially since nothing is over $80 U.S. There’s a lot of utility in a very sleek, sexy, masculine package – something many soft good manufacturers miss.

Designer: Nathan Leon [ Buy Transport | Buy Gateway | Buy Freeway ]