Your absolute last chance to win a Red Dot Design Concept 2017 award!

If you’re a designer, you’ve obviously heard of the words “Red Dot”. They’re arguably the most coveted words that every designer wants to flash on their product, or resume. The Red Dot Awards are by far the most anticipated awards in the design circuit and hey, I’ve got some breaking news for you. Today’s your last day to submit your entry for the Red Dot Design Concept Awards this year!

With not more than 15 hours to go before the gates shut, if you have a design concept buried in your portfolio, or accumulating likes and appreciations galore on Behance or Coroflot, you’re armed with just enough time to make an entry and stand a chance to win a Red Dot Award!

The Design Concept award is open to design studios, companies, universities, research laboratories, inventors and students, the only criteria being that your entry be a design concept or personal project or a product that isn’t in the market (before 2nd June 2017). While submitting entries, note that you can specify whether your design is a “Concept” or a “Ready to Launch” product.

The Red Dot Awards are judged by a diverse and esteemed jury panel of 20 Design professionals and Academics from around the globe. You can read more about the Judging Criteria here, and about the Submission Format here.

Visit this link to make your design submission before it’s too late. We’re rooting for you! Submit NOW or forever hold your silence!

Here’s a look at some of our favorite designs from last year that went on to win the Design Concept Award.

The Heng Lamp by Zanwen Li reinvents switches with its clever magnetic orbs! The orbs are suspended by a string and have a magnet inside them. The strings are short enough to allow both the orbs to be attracted to each other, yet still not touch. When the lower orb enters the magnetic field of the upper one, the lamp switches on. Release the lower orb and the lamp goes off. I’d be playing with this all day!



The Espire Full Face Gas Mask by Carlos Schreib depicts by far the most ideal mask design. Not only does it purify the air going into your nose and mouth, it even guards your eyes from smoke, dust, and harmful chemicals. The clever clear visor for the mouth ensures you can even speak more effectively, because the transparent mask makes lip-reading more effective. What’s more, it cleverly creates a wall between the breathing zone and the viewing zone so you don’t have to worry about your visor fogging up with your breath!



One cast fit’s all with the Bone Aid by Yu-Chi Wang. This piece of medical equipment comes flat-packed and depending on whether you need an arm-brace, or a foot-brace, you fold the Bone Aid along its pre-determined folding lines. Made out of medical-grade PolyPropylene, the Bone Aid is perfect for remote areas that have little to no access to proper medical equipment and expertise.




I don’t ever remember seeing a saline bag that looked portable. You end up having to carry the bag along with the large clunky metal stand, looking like a hospitalized grim-reaper with his sickle. The Nu-Drip saline bag by Wang Yu-Chi and Huang Yu-Man gets rid of that metal eyesore and takes on a more unique design that goes around your neck like a neck pillow. At first glance it looks like a wonderful solution, and I can only hope that this award winning design solution goes beyond the realm of concepts and becomes a reality soon!



Here’s a classic example of A.) The kind of product that is best suited for the Red Dot, and B.) How winning a Red Dot can popularize a concept so much so that it becomes almost a household name. Being awarded the Best of the Best at last year’s Red Dot Awards is the Phone-Brella. Designed for one-handed use or rather, one armed use so your hands can be occupied elsewhere, the Phone-Brella by KT isn’t just great for texting while waiting for rains to stop, or booking your Uber on a rainy sidewalk, it’s ideal for the disabled too!



Intrigued? Inspired? Submit your entry now!!