If you’re running, put a ring on it!

Not my best Beyoncé pun, but I digress. The Runbell, as direct as its name is, is a quaint little finger-worn bell for runners. Using a spring mounted ringer and a bell small enough to slip on your fingers, but powerful enough to send a signal up to 10-12 feet, to notify people you’re coming through.

Definitely for people tired of breaking their jog to cut through crowds, or for people who are exhausted of constantly having to shout to get slow-walkers to move, the Runbell sounds silly at first, but proves to be quite useful… allowing runners to avoid collisions with people around corners, or pedestrians buried in their phones! Made to fit around two fingers so the bell stays in place, the Runbell comes cast in brass, making it much more sonorous and resonating than steel or aluminum bells.

Don’t yell… just ring the bell!

Designer: Kevin John Nadolny