People who live in fabric houses…


There’s no stubbing your toe against the threshold or accidentally bumping into the wall with the Breathe. This experimental home by SO-IL was debuted at the Salone Del Mobile this year as a prototype for the future living environment. Made out of a metallic framework with a porous fabric draped over it, the house is called Breathe, and allows its residents to interact with the outdoors by virtually bringing it indoors. According to SO-IL, in contrast to a standard home with rooms having fixed uses, Breathe was designed as a loose stack of porous ‘realms’, each with a different atmosphere and experience. The porous fabric can be replaced with other fabrics depending on climate constraints.

We feel Breathe makes for a great addition to or a facade for an existing building, rather than being a standalone building itself. Call us old-fashioned, but we still like the idea of being able to pull the curtains and shut out the outside world for some privacy! Thoughts? Could this usher in a new way of living, and of construction… with parts of a building ditching the traditional concrete walls, floors, and ceilings?

Designer: SO-IL