This AI-enabled tiny home is the perfect budget-friendly prefab house for the urban city life!

Low-cost, prefabricated, and ready to live in homes are all the rage right now! And tiny home builder Nestron has jumped on the bandwagon with their latest AI-enabled home ‘Cube One’. Cube One is a 156 square foot home perfect for all kinds of residents – from single youngsters to large families. The value for money home has been equipped with built-in furnishings, voice-controlled tech, and a galvanized steel shell that not only lends it a sci-fi feel but also protects it from extreme temperatures and natural disasters. Starting at $30,000, the Cube One can be shipped to any location in the world, and will be ready for you to move into from the moment it arrives!

Much like a Rubik’s Cube, the dynamic Cube One can be customized and played around with! The interior can be customized with various add-ons and trimmings, including a kitchen with a bar counter, a wardrobe, a bed, a living area, and a shower accompanied by a toilet and laundry machine. It also comes fully equipped with smart technology which is experienced in the form of color controllable LED lighting, a television, sound system, and air conditioning.

At an extra cost, you can integrate a compostable toilet, solar panels, and electric-heated flooring within the home, for an eco-friendly touch to the house! In fact, 90% of the materials used to build Cube One are recyclable, and compared to conventional construction methods, it requires 99% less water to construct. Rock wool insulation, nontoxic in nature, was used to pad the interiors of the home, protecting it from excessive noise and extreme temperatures. Drop-lock flooring and compressed wood panels were used to make the home resistant to humidity and moisture.

Cube One is a durable and portable prefab home that not only manages to rate high on sustainability but also reminds me of a spaceship’s cabin! Futuristic, sleek, and smart, Cube One is the future of tiny prefab homes!

Designer: Nestron