This Kettle is a Keeper


As simple as a kettle’s functionality is, the market is surprisingly saturated with overly-designed products. It’s like every manufacturer got together and decided that everyone who loves tea also loves swan neck spouts, plastic handles (yuck) and brushed nickel (double yuck)! Finally, the Albus kettle stands out for simply not being offensive.

The minimalistic design features lines and a straightforward, functional shape without all the frills. It’s so simple, in fact, you might just overlook it. But anyone who notices it is sure to be taken with its perfect balance of pure white porcelain and raw natural wood.

Designer: Neda Design


“The shape of the Albus electric kettle was inspired by the merging of Japanese ceramic, of straight minimalistic lines and of white contemporary devices. The kettle has a magnetic power adapter equivalent to Apple’s Magsafe technology for easily portability,” design studio Neda told YD.