LEGO’s newest launches showcase why LEGO is not just a children’s toy!

LEGO’s iconic journey is one for the storybooks. This humble brick has gone from being a children’s toy to a collectible and a tool for the imagination of the masses – kids and adults alike. Here are our favorite LEGO designs that showcase how the design has evolved from being just a children’s toy.

Using over 100,000 LEGO pieces, designer Ekow Nimako imagines the Kumbi Saleh 3020 CE a Ghanaian metropolis 1000 years in the future. This artwork is the centerpiece for his exhibition titled Building Black Civilizations and showcases details like nothing you have ever seen before, almost reminiscent of the Game of Thrones title sequence. This amazing piece of work was also acquired by the Aga Khan Museum!

The fight for diversity is universal but it gets a true acknowledgment of being a part of our society when we can normalize the acceptance of human diversity. This is why the LEGO diversity set is a such a beautiful gesture – to help our children accept and understand that humans are all different. And there is no need to differentiate between people but to rather accept them as what they are.

Globe’s are passe. At least they are with LEGO’s latest member of their Art Collection line. The set includes a whopping 11,695 pieces and can be hung up on your wall once you finish this tremendous project!

With 590 pieces (including 6 faux Infinity Stones), this meticulously detailed LEGO Infinity Gauntlet definitely adds a Marvel-ous touch to your room (I had to make that joke. You know it). While LEGO’s Infinity Gauntlet doesn’t give you any sufficient superpowers, it’s definitely one of the most interesting pieces of pop-culture decor you can have in your room. Made from golden LEGO bricks, the gauntlet’s solid (which means you can’t wear it) and is slightly smaller than you’d expect… but LEGO makes up for it by incorporating movable joints into the fingers, which means the gauntlet can technically ‘snap’ its fingers.

Who needs friends when you have the LEGO FRIENDS set?! Unleash hours of playtime with all the nostalgia of binge-watching our favorite sitcom and relieving the iconic moments – could I be more excited!

Designed to help adults relax and recharge as they transform a blank canvas (or in this case, small interlinking base plates) using LEGO tiles. Each set can be reimagined in a number of different ways to express the personality of each different builder and to make it easy and simple for pop culture lovers to refresh the LEGO Art piece on display in their house. Being a hardcore IronMan fan (genius, philanthropist, playboy, billionaire – what more can we ask for!), that’s one of the first sets I would be working on.

Priced at $200, the sneakers feature transparent plastic slots on each side instead of Adidas’s famous stripes! These slots have been shaped after two-by-six LEGO plates, which basically means you can slide in three two-by-two LEGO bricks into the slots! The shoes do come along with a collection of bricks in classic primary colors, which you can fit into the slots. However, you can also add in any bricks that you may already have at home! Honestly, it feels like playtime with shoes, and I’m loving the idea of it.

Nick Crocco built the beloved VW Bus, but instead of wheels, he gave the classic automobile – legs! The cute little red and white structure reminds me of a Transformer. This is one Transformer I wouldn’t mind watching on the big screen!

The LEGO botanical collection features a beautiful and soothing Bonsai Tree! Start your own little LEGO garden, with this quintessential Japanese bonsai and its pretty cherry blossoms.

LEGO just approved of turning the Starry Night into a production-ready set. The idea for the product came from LEGO Ideas, a playground where LEGO enthusiasts upload their creations, and LEGO fans vote on designs that they want to see willed into existence. The Starry Night rendition comes from Truman Cheng, a Master Builder who goes by the username legotruman.

The Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet is the perfect flower arrangement for your living space. Created wholly from LEGO blocks, the beautiful bouquet consists of a myriad variety of colorful and gushing flowers, from roses to sunflowers. Place them in your living room, and brighten it up, without the constant worry of having to water them!