The incredible way to 3D print hair!

This little nifty technique to print near-realistic hair and fur is by far the most ingenious hack for 3D printing I’ve ever seen! The model is designed so that the machine prints strands of hair as support structures for 3D printing. Once you’re done with the print, all you do is use the supports as individual strands of hair! A hot-air gun or a hairdryer is all you need to fix the hairstyle and you’ve got yourself an amazing print with near-real hair!

First created by Primoz Cepin on Thingiverse (a 3D printing file hosting platform for all sorts of hobby projects), this lion model became absolutely viral for its realistic mane. Using the support structure (that usually gets thrown away or sanded off) as a series of hair strands, the model ends up having a unique look to it with a touch of DIY. Could we have woven items made by 3D printed plastic in the future?? Who knows!

Designer: Primoz Cepin