Microwave cooks dinner in minutes!


Microwave cooking has seen a sad stereotyping. The thing is Microwave is a technology, not an appliance. However we’ve limited it to that one boxy, oven-ish appliance that we use to heat food. We’ve seldom exploited its true cooking abilities because of the oven avatar of the product.

What the Mu WaveRange does is takes everything oven-like away from Microwave technology. The conceptual WaveRange gives it a completely new avatar, promoting cooking of food, rather than simply reheating things. Made out of Metal, ABS, and Pyrex Glass, the appliance comes with a hub, and a rotating vessel in which you cook your food. The vessel is double layered, with metal on the outside, and glass on the inside, making it safe for use. The Mu WaveRanger even comes with accessories like a colander/strainer, steamer, and a microwave-safe metal pan for double boiling. Plus, with microwave cooking times, your food can be cooked completely in minutes!

Designer: Martín Argüello (Mu Industrial Design)