Display in 16 by 9 or 4 by 3, Literally

Studio FRST is going to get your squared away with a TV that simplifies(?) to an extra degree. The studio says that the form shows the function. That’s true. It’d fit right in at the home of a modernist, probably also at the house of a minimalist. It leaves space to put your tiny fern if you want! Put it right there under the side there! It will look nice, totally nice!

The title of this project is “16943” -intuitive, huh? It’s got a “crystal asymmetrical black picture on a glass base.” As you’d expect, the dvd slot (yes there’s that system built in, how nice), and the controls for the TV are located up under there in that square negative space.

Designer: Studio FRST


  • wellso says:

    cool idea…

  • Chris says:

    Stupid idea. Why not just fill in the corner and have a bigger tv. Its not like it stops the tv from getting black bars. The bars are just way more obvious.

  • fb says:

    This has a good concept, but a bad execution.
    I mean, that space (Unless it’s intentional) could be easily transformed into a button-set.

    Either that, or just round of that weird block, make the whole screen touchable, and whenever a black bar shows up it becomes the ‘touchable menu’

    I feel like this concept is over-complicating things a bit.
    Nice render, though.

  • cm says:

    when i originally saw this, it was put as a solution to there being black bars on the sides when you watch standard def tv on an hdtv. in that respect its incredibly stupid, because now, instead of the occasional 2 black bars, you have 1 black bar that is always there, no matter what.

    purely as an interesting design, though, i DO like it. you could easily have some kind of display, or interface, maybe some network widgets of some kind, to display weather ot stocks info or something like that.

  • podarok says:

    Nive design for designers
    Right place – best place for the Photoshop panels for example

  • Juan says:

    How about remotecontroller on the corner?

  • KwangErn says:

    Does it automagically switch between the two?

    But seriously, how practical is this…? No one really cares when watching TV unless you’re _that_ pedantic…

  • odgi says:

    a single larger display module would be much cheaper to make than this thing

  • blipoids says:

    I ABSO-CRAZY-LUTELY love this…

  • Jack says:

    I love this product! I want to know where I can get one!

    This product in itself is an idea, a thought that someone has realised (black bars on a widescreen TV when watching standard definition video) and has tried to make art out of it, and yes I do think it’s a piece of art.

    With an incredibly minimalist design (and I do think a fern would look nice next to it 😉 ) it doesn’t distract you from the content being displayed.

    I read a comment about filling in the corner with a button pad. I disagree entirely. Buttons would spoil the aesthetics, and I don’t care if it would bring extra functionality to the product, it’s bloody gorgeous!

  • jdi says:

    Now I’m going to design a two handle teapot, one handle for big hands and another for smaller ones :). This is useful, technically complicated, expensive an all this just to get rid of one black bar only (the other one is still there in both formats!!!!). And the last thing, what if suddenly a video aspect shows up as a standard….? This would be useless again. And the builtin DVD player? no comments about that…

    If it is a piece of art, I would’t buy it.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Now, a reaaly good twist would be if you could use both of the black spaces as touchscreens for the TV settings.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Now, a reaaly good twist would be if you could use both of the black spaces as touchscreens for the TV settings.

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